The UK’s first care home nursery set to open in London

Apples and Honey nursery will be based on the site of Nightingale House in south west London.

The joint site care home nursery is due to open in September with the aim of enriching the experiences of both the children and elderly residents.

In a society that is increasingly recognised as being age segregated, action is needed to encourage different generations to mix. A model promoted by United For All Ages is where a care home shares its space (for example, spare grounds/buildings/rooms) with a nursery.

This first in the UK follows numerous examples in other countries, where the idea of shared site which aims to bring different generations closer, is much more commonplace.

A recent open day gave families and care home residents a taste of what is to come. Young children and older residents mixed with all generations in a range of activities.

The benefits were clear to see: older people enjoying the activities and companionship, while children were learning through play. And the generations inbetween – parents of the children at the nursery and younger relatives of the care home residents – were mixing too.