School pupils come to the aid of elderly man after fall

Four Bournville School pupils help elderly man who was left badly injured after a fall in the road.

Reginald Byfield, aged 73, was on his way to the doctor’s surgery in Griffins Brook Lane, Bournville, when he tripped over a bump in the road, leaving him with a bloody nose and a swollen ankle.

Pupils Mary Graham, aged 14, Faye Barry, Page Teague and William Lemmon, all aged 12, were walking to school when they witnessed the fall and rushed to help.

After calling 999, the pupils help elderly Reginald to his feet and waited for an ambulance to arrive.

He was visibly distressed after the incident and is unable to walk properly.

Reginald said: “If it wasn’t for these young people, I wouldn’t have been able to stand by myself.

“They rushed over as soon as I fell and were very helpful and polite. I am very grateful they were able to help me, so I want to thank them again for their support.

“They have set a very good example for their classmates and all young people.”

Andrew Walker, who works for charity, Angling Unlimited, situated opposite the school, witnessed the pupils helping Reginald and invited them to wait in his office. He was so impressed by their efforts Andrew’s charity, which helps to support people through angling, offered the young heroes a day’s fishing at Alvechurch fishery.

Joanne Cottle, head of academy at Bournville said: “I am delighted to see such a remarkable act of altruism from our pupils.

“These pupils saw an unfortunate incident take place, but their actions reflect how we actively encourage all Bournville pupils to behave – with compassion and respect for the community in which they live.”