Dementia and dementia care

Dementia and getting a diagnosis can cause a range of emotions. For some, it brings relief, understanding and an explanation for the changes people have experienced or loved ones witnessed, but for others it can bring anguish and even upset. What we do know, however, that dementia affects each person in different ways. Understanding dementia, someone with dementia can be supported at home or in a care home will help you and your loved one to live with the condition.

Dementia – spotting the first signs

Are you guilty of joking about a relative’s forgetfulness, brushing it off as them getting older? Or are you worried they might be showing the first symptoms of dementia and wonder what to do about it?

Memory problems can be due to a number of reasons and dementia affects everyone in different ways but if you notice these key symptoms in a loved one, it’s best to seek medical advice as early as possible.