What is Care Select?

Care Select is a comprehensive handbook for people looking for care and support for an ageing loved one.

Whether that is a partner, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, family friend or close companion, Care Select guides you through the process. Developed to help people navigate the care and support systems, Care Select looks at the practical aspects of needing care and support, like understanding what may be needed, assessments, levels of support available, formal social care, home care, care homes and more. More than that though, Care Select understands that this is a time filled with emotion. Worries about ageing, supporting someone who was once so independent, balancing the wishes of everyone involved, including siblings or other relatives who may have thoughts on the best course of action.

Whether you live up the road or hundreds of miles away, have been caring and can no longer carry on or unable to care for them yourself, Care Select will help you. The information on this website and in the handbook will help you to understand what care or support may be needed, how to talk about it with everyone involved, where to start when looking for services, how to decide what’s best and evaluate what is or isn’t working. It offers information on dementia, life as a carer, paying for care and legal issues as well as discussing end of life when the time comes.

Care Select and this accompanying website will support you on your way to finding the best care and support solutions for the person you love.